Meet The Associates/Staff

The Dental Hygienists

Image of Alessandra with Professional Dental Associates

Alessandra Kucic

When I was a senior in high school I started a job after school  at a local dental office as an assistant. I continued to work there throughout my four years of college. I loved it so much and became so attached to my patients and their      families that I knew I had to pursue a career in the dental field . I attended New York University to obtain my dental hygiene degree and graduated in 2009. Being a hygienist has been the most rewarding career for me. To help people obtain beautiful smiles and to educate them on their oral and general health has given me such pleasure.  It is my greatest accomplisment to watch patients who at first fear coming to the dentist  love coming back after they see how kind and gentle our office is.

The Dental Assistants

Image of Suzanne Parris with Professional Dental Associates

Suzanne Parris

I am from Barbados, but grew up in Brooklyn, NY and have lived there for many years. I attended Clara Barton High School for Health Care Professionals. This is where my interest in dentistry first began. I enjoy working in this field because it is wonderful working with people all day. It is also interesting because of the unique situations I have seen with all the different cases I have worked with. I try to comfort my patients in accordance with their needs. I try to work and be relaxed so that my patients will also be relaxed and feel comfortable while they are in the office.

Image of Christina Silva with Professional Dental Associates

Christina Silva

Born and raised in Astoria, I became a Dental Assistant after graduating from Long Island City High School. I have been a Dental Assistant for five years. I like working in dentistry because I really enjoy working with patients and making them feel as comfortable as possible during their time at the dentist. This passion has led me to continue my education in the dental field. I am studying to become a dental hygienist at Hostos so that I can offer even more to my patients in the future.

Administrative Staff

Image of Diana Rivera with Professional Dental Associates

Diana Rivera

I am originally from Colombia, but I grew up in Queens. I have worked at Professional Dental Associates now for 8 years. I enjoy working with Dr. Arraval and Dr. Rupnarain because they create an environment that is both professional and friendly. When patients call or arrive at the office, it is my ultimate goal and responsibility to welcome them and make them feel comfortable and satisfied. Before each patient’s appointment, I call them to give them a personal reminder. I work hard around each patient’s schedule to find a convenient time for them to come into the office. I feel that coming to an office where patients can feel like the staff personally knows them and cares about them really makes a difference in their experience of coming to the dentist. I look forward to speaking with you, answering any questions you have, and scheduling your appointment when it is most convenient. 🙂

Image of Beatriz Henao with Professional Dental Associates

Beatriz Henao

I was born and raised in Woodside, Queens, but I am very proud to come from a Colombian family. I have been part of the Professional Dental Associates team for 11 years now. I am the Treatment Plan Coordinator, Financial Adviser and Insurance Specialist. I inform patients of their plan, benefits and coverage and make sure they fully understand the key components, including co-payments, deductibles and maximums. As the financial adviser, my goal is to make sure patients understand any recommended treatment, and plan completion of the treatment through payment plans that meet each patient’s individual needs. I look forward to seeing you in our wonderful, state of the art office and I am always available to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Image of Lucy Cabrejas with Professional Dental Associates

Lucy Cabrejas

I was born and raised in Westchester, New York. I speak both Portuguese and Spanish. I have strong administrative and customer service skills. I perform various administrate tasks such as receiving calls, scheduling appointments, data filing, registering patients and archiving. Also, I answer patient’s inquiries regarding dental procedures, insurance coverages and processing co-payments. It’s my soul duty to provide the best environment where a patient feels at home. I believe Professional Dental Associates is the best solution for anyone looking to better their smile. I enjoy working with Dr. Arraval and Dr. Rupnarain because they are passionate in what they do and treat both staff and patients like family.

Image of Anabel Lara with Professional Dental Associates

Anabel Lara

I was born in Venezuela, am fluent in spanish, and joined the Professional Dental Associates team in July 2014. As a receptionist my duties include answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, verifying insurance eligibilty/benefits and assisting patients with their next three, four or six month oral health care appointment. I enjoy helping patients and will make sure you have a rewarding experience every time you visit our practice, not only with me but with everyone on our team.